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WBS-400 modular sub-base mixing plant
Capacity: 400t/h
Cement Hopper: 5 Cube meter
Product Hopper: 7 Cube meter
Hopper Qty: 3 to 5
AG Size: <60
AG Accuracy: ± 2%
Cement Accuracy: ± 1%
Filler Accuracy: ± 1%
Total Power: 105kw
Remarks: Above are standard configurations (for reference). We can modify according to your requirements.
Product Detail

The WBS series modular stabilized mixing plant, mainly uses in the construction of base layer of high-way, urban road, airport, seaport and producing the gray soil layer and mixing the compactable concrete; Adopts the advanced industrial computer to control and program, which can weigh different materials separately and auto-adjust and stable performance. Also it can simulate the production visibly and dynamically, operate and maintain easily, apply to the construction of big project.