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LQY Series Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

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Model: LQY
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Products Description:

LQY-10, LQY-15, LQY-20, LQY-30, LQY-40 Mobile Forced Asphalt Mixing Plant consists of mixer, finished-product hopper, automatic weighing batcher (optional), electrical cabinet, filler conveyor (forcoal), etc. The mixer consists of burner, filler conveyor, dryer, twin-shafts forced mixer, asphalt weighing conveyor, filler weighing conveyor, dust collector, trailer chassis, hydraulic supporter, etc.

The plant combines the intermittent dryer and twin-shafts forced mixer as the whole structure, and the mixer can be dragged, and it occupies small area and is easy to transfer from site to site and install. The mixer is reliable, compactable and automatic with wide scope for fuel application, easy operation, convenient maintenance, good quality of finished products, high technology and high degree of standardization, applying to the high graded asphalt road's construction and maintenance.

Features of Mobile Asphalt BatchingPlant:
1. The machine has module structure which combines intermittent drying roller and twin horizontal shaft mixer.
2. The high quality and stability of the asphalt produced by our machine can meet the requirements of the high-level black pavements in pavement building, reconstruction and maintainance.
3. PLC control, touch screen with free auto / manual transfer are available for this kind of concrete mixing equipment.
4. Movable chassis structure allows a fast as well aseasy transport and installation.

5. Coal and oil burner are available upon customer’s request.

Main Applications of Mobile Asphalt Batching Plant, this kind of asphalt mixing equipment is widely used for producing asphalts, known as a type of industrial materials that do play an essential role in construction and maintenance work of asphalt roads.

6. The electric control components adopt ABB Company’s products.  

Main Structure of LQY Series Mobile Asphalt Plant ( LQY Series )

Main Technical Parameter of LQY Series Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

AG Batcher

Storage Bin2t5t5t9t9t9t20t
Product Temp120-180 Celsius
Fuel ConsumptionOil: 5-7.5kg/t, Coal: 13-15kg/t
Materials ScopeBitumen sand, Bitumen broken stone, Asphalt concrete
Control TypePLC programmable electrical control cabinet