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LB Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant

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LB Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant has high-accuracy aggregate feeder, high-quality mix, high production rate, asphalt mixing plant of this model performs excellently. The modular design and clearly defined interfaces between the asphalt mixing components allow the utilization of local manufacturing sources. The reduction of transportation and production costs is a direct benefit for our customers. The modular design and the preparation of the modules through the production bring us a fast and uncomplicated working site assembly.  

1. The loop belt feeder for the measuring hopper has a frequency-conversion speed regulator which can control the belt to work in high and low speed. Its original structure facilitates belt change and makes material feeding more fluent, which reduces power consumption. Besides, there is awarning light which will remind the user when the machine uses up raw material.

2. The high-efficiency, the heat preservation drying drum and the special vanes make heat exchange more sufficient. Moreover, the high-efficiency and energy-saving imported burner can use both heavy oil and diesel, which reduces energy consumption.

3. The vibrating screen adopts the linear and completely-closed design with the vibrator placed outside. The sieving efficiency is high, the maintenance and changing of screen is easy, and the imported bearings are more reliable.

4. The hot aggregate bin is equipped with a continuous level indicator which enables the operator to know the levelof material at a glance. The measurement of aggregate is conducted twice through large and small doors, which greatly improves the measuring precision.The unique structure of the material emptying door reduces the chance ofblockage and will work more reliably.

5. The main mixing machine designed with European technology has double reducers with a high-speed synchronization capacity. Accurately weighed asphalt can be directly pumped into the agitating kettle and powder material can be conveyed into the agitating kettle through the helix, which makes agitating more even and speedy. Besides, it has an opening to add wood fiber and an inlet to add used material to be recycled.

6. The dust-removing system adopts imported NOMEX bags which limit the density of dust discharged into the air within 50mg/m³, which is completely up to the national standard of environmental protection. The dust blown down will be collected into the collection tank through the dust lifter for reuse to avoid secondary pollution.

7. The control system adopts the SIEMENS integrated solution which plays a leading role in the industrial automation field. It also uses the PROFIBUS field bus to form a large and medium-sized distributed automatic system. In operation, the equipment adopts the technology of double hot standby on the industrial computer, dynamic display and buttonless design. All operations are done through the mouse. It has the real-time fault monitoring and control system with functions like parameter setting, data management and fault diagnosis. It measures precisely and can be controlled automatically, semi-automatically and manually, showing a stable and reliable performance.

Environment Protection

1. Total dust collection with 1st-level inertial collecting, 2nd-level bag house and dust collecting modules for various portions of facilities.

2. We establish environment protection concepts according to the European standards to achieve in dust emission, acid emission and noise control etc.

3. The facilities are in green harmony with the environment wherever we go.

Product Parameters