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HZSR Series Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant

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HZSR Series Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant were developed by our company on the basis of adopting the world's sophisticated technologies, the plant consists of four separated modular, compact structure. easy installation, the mixer is twin-shaft forced type, high productivity, mix quickly and evenly. Adopt advanced industrial computer to control, easy operating, highly automation. Apply to project of highway. bridge,  port and hydropower station which asks large quantity of concrete.

The plant combines the intermittent dryer and twin-shafts forced mixer as the whole structure,  and the mixer can be dragged,  and it occupies small area and is easy to transfer from site to site and install.  The mixer is reliable,  compactable and automatic with wide scope for fuel application, easy operation, convenient maintenance, good quality of finished products, high technology and high degree of standardization, applying to the high graded asphalt road's construction and maintenance.

Product Features:

1. Flexible configuration; twin-shaft mixer ortwin-spiral mixer ; twin spiral-shaft mixer; Two-computer control; environment friendly; energysaving.

2. Stability and Durability: adapt and apply the most advanced technologies around the world.

3. Reliability: 30 years of experiences in manufacturing concrete mixing plants

4. Stationary modular structure, fast and easy installation;

5. Horizontal Twin-Shaft Compulsory Mixer, excellent mixing performance with high efficiency and high productivity;

6. Excellent environmental protection, dust collection system and anti-noise design.

7. Excellent Mixing Performance.

a. Horizontal twin-shaft compulsory mixer has the strong mixing ability with uniform mixing and high production output.

b. The admixtures are widely mixed by the shafts, and reach the best proportional ratio of uniform.

8. The mixing shafts adapt anti-binding technology to prevent the cement from binding on the shafts.

9. Mixing paddles, arms and blades are made of special high chromium and high manganese alloy materials. The wear resistance of the mixing paddles saves time and cost to replace, and at the same time, improves the machines durability and reliability.

10. The greasing system, which is controlled by central control system, lubricates the greasing points at the fixed position, fixed time and fixed quantity

11. Decelerating system uses high-speed, synchronized, and closed planetary decelerators.

12. The opening of discharge gate can be adjusted by hydraulic system as per specific requirements.

13. Control System

a. The control system of double computers with double controls consists of two industrial computers, one is production control computer and the other is production management computer.

b. The management computer is a backup computer for the whole electric control system. When the control computer is out of order, the management computer can be changed into the control computer to control production.

c. Long-distance trouble shooting by internet andtele-service, which greatly improves the users ability to trouble shoot the system.

d. The control room, which is made of colorful shaped steel plates, is capacious, anti-noise and heat insulated. It guarantees the working temperature of the electrical components, also improves the working comfortable.

Product Parameters